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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 48 Romania: Brasov > Cluj Napoca

100 km away fm Brasov- the dracula's town. Heading to Cluj Napoca or further. Intend to spend a nite in camping area n set up our tent if we can find it. We missed it before. Tomorrow evening EM1M will be in Budapest, Hungary.
 SMS di terima 4:01pm (waktu Malaysia) 17 Ogos, 2010
It is about 200km away fm Cluj-Napoca or Club Napoja pronounced by Saiful. Hahaha! Started to feel likes riding in Europe. Moderate temp n good road condition.
  SMS di terima 7:48pm (waktu Malaysia) 17 Ogos, 2010

It is very unfortunate for us... unable to find a camp site in Cluj Napoca, Romania. We end up in Liliacul Hotel. Nice weather and nice road! Romania currency RON almost 1 to 1 to  Ringgit Malaysia. RM300 of our money gone just like that....

 Message received  3:00am ( Malaysia time) 18 Ogos, 2010
PS: Romania is -5 hour different.

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