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Monday, August 9, 2010

Day 40 & 41 Turkey: Kelkit......Amasya

EM1M left Dogubeyazit heading to Kelkit at 8am. Approx 490 km to run. Time different 5 hrs behind Malaysia time. Pray for us! Tqvm
 SMS di terima 2:52pm (waktu Malaysia) 9 Ogos, 2010
70 km to Erzurum. Calculating fuel requirement in Turkey before we enter Bulgaria which the fuel cost in Turkey is 3.80 lira per litre = RM 9.12! Wohoo...pengsan! Fuel req 80 litres x rm 9.12... Perghhh!
 SMS di terima 4:37pm (waktu Malaysia) 9 Ogos, 2010
Safely arrived Kelkit. Looking for the hotel. Nice road n less traffic. Hillies n Superb weather. Clocked 470km.
 SMS di terima 11:19pm (waktu Malaysia) 9 Ogos, 2010

Our next destination is Amasya. As usual we left Kelkit at 8am. Using the "kampung" roads. Mountaineous and great sceneries. Another 250km to go to Amasya.
  SMS di terima 4:10pm (waktu Malaysia) 10 Ogos, 2010
Today is our picnic ride. 7 hrs we juz discovered 240 km. Enjoying the beauty of Turkey's sceneries. Hahaha! Another 140 km to go to Amasya.
  SMS di terima 7:52pm (waktu Malaysia) 10 Ogos, 2010
Buyuk Amasya Oteli menjadi rumah kami utk mlm ini. Clocked 370 km for today. Ucapan selamat menyambut Ramadhan Al-mubarak bagi seluruh umat islam yg mengikuti perkembangan serta menyokong EM1M ini. Wassalam.
  SMS di terima 10:36pm (waktu Malaysia) 10 Ogos, 2010

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