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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Day 18 CHINA: GOBI DESERT....Shanshan - Turpan!

Lunch Stop at Shanshan.
7/8 of the GOBI DESERT covered.
Another 90km to Turpan, our destination.
Eventho its hot like hair dryer, today is the best n fastest road we had.
National road upgraded to hiway!
2moro is our Off Day at Turpan!
SMS diterima 1:53 Petang (Waktu Malaysia), 18 Julai 2010
SMS received at 1:53 pm (Malaysian Time), 18th July 2010


Thanks Allah!
After 1.5hrs dibakar dlm microwave pada tahap 50 deg c dr Shanshan ke Turpan,
finally we  safely arvd Turpan Hotel.
Cancel our off day in Turpan!
Hdg to Urumqi 2moro a.m. for our off day. 
Now we are less than 1,000km to Kazakhstan border
SMS diterima 5:09pm (Waktu Malaysia), 18 Julai 2010
SMS received at 5:09pm (Malaysian Time), 18 July 2010

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